Marmara is an innovative compact vinyl floor covering product that is extremely durable for commercial use.
You can review the product specifications from the technical page.
Thanks to the abrasion layer, it remains extremely stable over time.
It is an outstanding and preferred product in commercial floor coverings with its extreme durability and affordable maintenance cost.
It has antistatic and antibacterial properties.

You can forward your orders up to 2000 mm wide. We are able to produce your demands in all special sizes. With your reduced waste and labor costs, you will save both time and costs.
You can order at any roll length. This will provide you both ease of use and will contribute to the reduction of your waste.
We can produce between 1.80 mm and 3.00 mm. You can get exactly the products you need at the most affordable costs.

Flexible Dimensions

Flexible Dimensions

We provide you with the minimization of your waste,labor costs and time losses by producing special dimensions in line with your needs.

Production With Fiberglass

Production With Fiberglass

We respond to your expectations about dimensional stability with our newly developed four-tier products.