1992 to the FUTURE

Germeç Insulation Products Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 1992 and has been producing PVC Flooring since this date. Germeç, (ISTANBUL) around the village of Silivri Beyciler owns 40.000 m2 of land on the 5.000 m2 closed area is producing.

Our company, which does not compromise on quality in its production, works one-on-one with leading automotive, wagon and ship manufacturers in Turkey and some foreign countries. As of 2018, our company has added Education, Health and Sports complexes as well as automotive sector to our field of activity and now provides its customers with high quality standards in these areas.

In addition to our wide range of products, we claim to provide the best service to our customers with the technological equipment, product tests performed both inside and outside the company and the knowledge we have, which can implement specific demands from our customers as soon as possible thanks to our expert staff.